Fitchburg "Cut-off" path from Alewife to Belmont

News/Status (Jan 2010): MassDOT is constructing a bridge over Little Brook and paving the existing "informal" path from Alewife Station to Brighton Ave. in Belmont

The Fitchburg cutoff is the informal name for an existing umimproved 0.8 mile multi-use path from the MBTA's Alewife station in Cambridge along the Fitchburg commuter rail line to Brighton Ave. in Belmont. Until this year (MHD Project File# 600811), it has been difficult to find this path (next to the Alewife parking garage). The Fitchburg cutoff is another critical link in the 104 mile Mass Central Rail Trail from Northhampton to Boston.

The Belmont Citizens Forum has acquired a 30 foot wide strip of land adjacent to the Fitchburg commuter rail tracks behind Channing Road. They propose to dedicate this for use as a public right-of-way for a shared-use bicycle and pedestrian path that will ultimately connect the Alewife MBTA station with Belmont Center.When completed, this will continue westward the Mass Central Rail Trail. Map of the proposed path:  For more information, call or email volunteer John Dieckmann at 617-489-1423 or

More photos of the existing unimproved path:


Connecting paths include: